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Among fundamental factors towards achieving the success of any platform, the professional team is being one of the main pillars. Only professional experience allows to adequately determine the most effective strategy for the platform's development, competent and timely application of advanced technologies, as well as identify the key needs of the market and its customers.

Greg Limon
Chief Executive Officer
Co-founder and shareholder of the Toronto-based DigiMax Global, which helps companies from all over the world to effectively conduct STOs. Greg conducted two successful IPOs and participated in numerous venture projects. Greg’s outstanding sense for the market’s needs, creative and fluid strategic planning helped to successfully kick-off numerous startups that now thrive in the global businesses arena.
Marc Swickle
Chief Marketing Officer
Over 25 years experience in international investment banking. Marc attracted more than € 50 million to Asian startups focusing AI Robotic Trading. Since 2014, engaged in business development at JKD. Since 2009, owns a company that advises hedge funds and family offices that have over $ 500 million under their management. Since 2015, Marc is acting as an adviser to the Ministry of Energy of Thailand.
Jorge Sebastião
CTO Advisor
A seasoned CTO, Advisor and International speaker, with experience in Blockchain, Cyber Security, AI, IoT, 5G, Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery, Bigdata, & Managed Services. Jorge is professional advisor in several innovative startups using disruptive technologies with focus on generating business value. He created the powerful framework A6 of security: Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness & Agility.
Eddie Kotler
Company's Partner
Co-founder and President of EZ365. EZ365 has a unique background and its own development of the implementation of blockchain technology in online gaming. At the core of EZ365 is its own ecosystem with three elements: a blockchain platform for online gaming, a educational platform and a digital asset exchange structure.
Iakov Ashurov
Master Distributor (CIS)
Iakov is a world-class professional with experience in building an active partner network of $ 58 million, and also has excellent skills and tools for recruiting new partners for any company with a business development model through partner networks.
Geoffrey Nwokolo
Master Distributor (West Africa)
He is an excellent speaker with numerous awards in Africa. Founder of several regional startups. His career interests lie at the intersection of law, leadership and business. He calls himself a legalpreneur.
Professor Graham Leach
Senior Innovation Advisor
Professor Graham Leach has held numerous senior-level positions in both industry and academia. Proficient at leading projects and teams, he is an expert at designing and deploying strategies intended to create or expand opportunities. Graham's research interest is the commercialization of Innovation, particularly in the Blockchain space. He has been tracking the progress of Quantum Computing since the 1990's.
Dmitry Buslov
R&D Manager
Dmitry has been involved in R&D of innovative technologies for over 20 years. He worked for public and private companies in Eastern Europe and runs a private design bureau. Dmitry was also actively involved in the creation of 2 international startups as CTOs.
Andreas Tissen
Education advisor of QubitTech Academy
Public speaker, #1 business coach in Germany and author of several books. Certified trainer and business coach with outstanding reputation.
An expert in motivation with many years of experience, Andreas has personally worked with many European celebrities. Practical psychologist and personal trainer of a galaxy of modern European businessmen implementing multi-million businesses.
Mr. Hwang, Chi wen
Master Distributor (Thailand)
Hwang Chi wen has over 20 years of experience in helping multinational corporations establish legal entities, providing business development solutions with a focus on achieving maximum results in various countries in Asia (China, Thailand, Taiwan). He will become a Master Distributor (Thailand) at QubitTech, which will significantly expand our capabilities in this region.